Porchview Bounty Pull

For the First 8 years, LHHPA has held a bounty pull at the Westmoreland County Fairgrounds in Greensburg, PA. The bounty started as a way to draw more pullers to the area. Each year the association adds $500.00 to the bounty fund, in each class. In the past they have also had private individuals donate to the bounty fund. If a team pulls more than has have pulled on the association's dynamometer, they receive the bounty. In 2008 the bounty pull was moved to PORCHVIEW ARENA and is held over Memeorial day weekend.  IT has made the Porchview pull even more spectacular.  The bounty will be at least $2500 in the light and $1500 in the heavy class!  Start making your plans to attend  The light weight bounty is 4250# and the heavy weight bounty is 5000#.




1.   1.  L.H.H.P.A will determine which pulls are bounty pulls

2.   2.  Lightweight horses must be weighed on L.H.H.P.A scales or scales approved by L.H.H.P.A in order

           to set or win the bounty. Lightweight teams must weight 3400 lbs. or less.

3.   3.  Horses must pass a ZERO tolerance drug test to win or set the bounty.

4.   4.  L.H.H.P.A will keep records and let the pullers know before each bounty contest what the bounty 

           load is for each class.

5.   5.  L.H.H.P.A will keep records and let pullers know how much the bounty is worth for each class  

           before the bounty contest.

6.   6.  All teams crossing the bounty load must drug tested. If drug test is refused, the team will not be

           eligible for the bounty.

7.   7.  Only the winner of the contest can win the bounty money unless they fail the drug test. If the

           winner fails drug test, the second place team is eligible for the bounty provided they crossed the 

           bounty load and passed the drug test.

8.   8.  Weight increments will never be increased more than the previous increment.

          *Exception see rule 11.

9.   9.  If two teams cross the previous bounty load, 50 lbs. will be added to the new load. If three teams

           cross the previous bounty load within the contest, 100 lbs will be added to the new load. If four

           or more teams cross the previous bounty load within the contest, 200 lbs will be added to the

           new load.

10. 10. A team must cross a new bounty load in order to win the bounty.

11. 11. If no one can force a team to hook to the new bounty load within the contest, they can still hook

           to the new bounty load provided they crossed the last load within the contest.

     For example: if the existing bounty load in 3800 lbs and a team crosses 3600 lbs and the contest 

     is over, that team can hook to 3850 lbs and try to win the bounty. If that team then crosses the

     bounty load, they must pay $100.00 for a drug test. If the team passes the drug test, they will

     receive the bounty money and be reimbursed for the drug test.

12. Winners of the bounty will be paid once drug test results come back.