2022 Point Series Pulls



This is the 12th year for the LHHPA point series.  This year's point series features 10 pulls located in 7 different states.  The pulls in the series are derived in several different ways.  Several organizations will contact LHHPA about the possibility of getting one of their pulls in the series.  Also, LHHPA contacts several pulling members from different states (those whom generally participate in LHHPA pulls) and these people nominate several pulls in their state.  Lastly, LHHPA and pullers in northern Pennsylvania nominate the Pennsylvania pulls.  After the nominations are in, the members of the association vote on what pulls will be in the series.  Of course, there are more pulls in Pennsylvania than in other state because our association's number one goal is promoting pulling in Pennsylvania.  However, we do hope that the points series will increase the number of teams and spectators throughout all of the states involved.  Due to the increasing popularity of the point series, in the future there may be a small nomination fee.


** New for 2022**

All new for 2022 Points Series – Sponsored by Brown Equine Hospital

Triple Crown (*This Replaces Overall*):

  • Only Three Pulls in the Series:
    • Porchview, Acme PA -May 28, 2022
    • Muhlenburg County Ag Center, Powderly KY – July 23, 2022
    • Porchview, Acme PA - October 9, 2022
  • To Win Triple Crown… Has to be the same 2 horses that win all three pulls. The winner must attend LHHPA Banquet on November 5, 2022 to receive prize money. The winner of light weight and heavy weight will receive $3000.
  • New Participation 2022:
    • Must attend all three of the above pulls and LHHPA Banquet. All qualifiers will be entered into a drawing at the banquet for a chance to win $1000

    • Participation does not have to be the same team just same entry name.

      • *If NO Triple Crown winner.....If the same 2 horses cannot win all three horse pulls the $3000 will get moved to the participation side. The banquet drawing will be raised to $2000 and 2 names will be drawn. Must be present at the banquet to win.

Horse Pull Information

Pull #1 - Porchview – May 28, 2022- 

      • 3400lbs and under lightweight. Over 3400lb will be heavyweight.
      • Pull on LHHPA Dynamometer Machine
      • Will be a Bounty Pull – Lightweights will have to cross 4250lbs and pass test for $3500. Heavyweights will have to cross 5050lbs and pass test for $1000
      • Pull #2 Muhlenburg County – July 23, 2022-  
      • 3650lbs split overweight
      • Pull #3 - Porchview – October 9, 2020 -
      • 4000lbs and under will pull overweight
      • Over 4000lbs will be straight heavyweight

As of now all three pulls will pay the same $700, $600, $500, $400, $300 and $200 to those crossing 1st load.

For More information Contact:

  • Charlie Brown – (724)454-9608
  • Brown Equine – (814)445-3560
  • David Roof (270)589-2445 or Chris Hatfield (270)560-0562