Laurel Highlands Horse Pulling Association Upcoming Activities and Events

*LHHPA Meeting*
There will be a meeting on Tuesday, October 6, 2020.  The meeting will be at the Porchview Arena starting at 6:30PM

October LHHPA Horse Pull 
Date:  Sunday, October 11,2020
Location:  Porchview Arena, Acme PA
Time:  Noon
Weigh-in:  10:00-11:30
Details:  4000lbs and under are overweight and straight heavyweight.  
Payout:  $500, $450,$400,$350,$300,$250,$200, Everyone else who hooks to the first load and  makes a measurable attempt $150

**FYI- Westin Specht Horse Pull**
Saturday October 10, 2020 
Cambria County Fairgrounds- Ebensburg PA
1:00 PM Start